Novecento (1976), Bernardo Bertolucci

Novecento (1976), Bernardo Bertolucci

Novecento presents a sweeping political epic of Italian history from 1901, the year Verdi died, up to the Liberation in 1945. Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, the film follows the stories of Alfredo Berlinghieri, the son of a wealthy landowner, and Olmo Dalco, whose family works on the Berlinghieri estate. Born on the same day, the two are bound by a close childhood friendship but are separated by social class and opposite destinies as they grow up during the turbulence of the interwar years. From its famous first lines, ‘Verdi is dead! Verdi is dead’, Novecento presents a powerful critique of Italy’s unequal and rigid social structure, which remains largely unchanged through half a century of war, racism, and liberation.

In this rare UK screening of Bertolucci’s rebellious masterpiece, we are able to present a pristine 35mm print in Italian with English subtitles of the original 315 minute length film. 

To book tickets for the screening of Novecento at Regent Street Cinema, please follow the link below. 

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