The Fabergé Galas

Kino Klassika works hand in hand with iconic jewellery brand Fabergé to screen masterpieces of Russian film in the exclusive surroundings of London’s most elegant Edwardian cinema. At these bespoke galas, we bring together the Anglo-Russian business and arts communities. The films are introduced by leading curators and accompanied by world class film accompanists.

Mark Cousins Film

To celebrate the launch of our Eisenstein Programme we wished to commission a contemporary artwork that engaged with Eisenstein’s legacy in a surprising and playful way. An explicit theme of our programme was the film director’s relationship to England and English culture. Would this be interesting thematic territory for a film or art work and does Eisenstein’s work still speak to filmmakers today?

An Academic Conference at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London

Celebrating the two Kino Klassika drawings exhibitions, ‘Unexpected Eisenstein’ with GRAD London and ‘Love, Lust and Laughter’ with Pace, and in collaboration with the Cambridge Courtauld Russian Art Centre we brought together leading Eisenstein experts from around the world to present current research and initiate new discussion about Sergei Eisenstein and his legacy across the visual arts.

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