Rewarding Partnerships to Spotlight Russian language cinema


Partnership Types

We work with leading experts and world class institutions to create engaging programming, generate research and realise innovative and ambitious projects that achieve impactful engagement with Russian film.   

Because Russian language film intersects with many different knowledge fields which bridge European and post-Soviet culture, we  work hand in hand with experts in different areas to build collaborations and cultural understanding.

We have developed a distinctive network spanning business, the arts and cultural worlds, allowing us to enable meaningful connections to fund what we do.  We also work with leading brands to identify shared values that create opportunities to support the expertise of leading arts organisations, archives and collections, curators and experts.

What our Partners Say

At Lombard Odier we take pride in challenging ourselves to find the best possible financial solutions for our clients. We are delighted to support Kino Klassika in its own ambition to challenge audiences with the best of classic Russian cinema programming. 

Duncan Macintyre

CEO UK, Lombard Odier Private Bank

GRAD had a very successful collaboration with Kino Klassika over the course of the exhibition of Eisenstein drawings.  The conference at the Courtauld became a magnificent culmination of our collaboration.

Natalia Murray

Associate Lecturer at the Courtauld Institute, Director of Education at GRAD

At times of heightened political chariness, it can be enlightening to explore shared cultural heritage. Sergei Eisenstein is an iconic filmmaker. Fabergé is an iconic brand. We are delighted to sponsor Kino Klassika to encourage familiarity with the best of Russian culture.

Sean Gilbertson

CEO Faberge

I found speaking as part of the Unexpected Eisenstein educational programme to be very rewarding. The opportunity for interaction between speaker and audience is excellent, and the ‘students’ bring a wide range of expertise and genuine curiosity. The programme is well-curated and provocative.

Emma Widdis

Lecturer in Film, University of Cambridge

When Justine Waddell and Ian Christie suggested that I contribute to Kino Klassika’s Eisenstein and the UK programme, I jumped at the chance. Kino Klassika is such an innovative, informed and passionate space in which to work. As a filmmaker I was liberated and stimulated by what it does. It is inspiring, and of great value to our culture.

Mark Cousins

Film director and writer

It was a wonderful experience developing and exhibiting Unexpected Eisenstein. It was a great privilege to help facilitate the endowment of such rich expertise upon the public. It is not often that one is able to be part of something so immensely fascinating that it leaves both the audience and contributors feeling greatly enriched in equal measure.

Elena Sudakova

GRAD Director and Co-Curator Unexpected Eisenstein



We commission art that seeks to engage with, re-imagine and make personal the vocabulary and legacy of great Russian language film.

We fund and distribute projects that engage with this tradition to challenge perceptions, surprise, provoke and inspire our audiences so that we can pull classic Russian cinema out of the lecture theatre and into the sphere of contemporary film, art and performance.


Kino Klassika builds a network of partnerships with major Russian content holders to access, promote and distribute valuable content in impactful ways.

We are committed to building the value of the content we are able to use and distribute. Utilising the expertise of our content partners we aim to find mutually beneficial agreements to make Russian language content available to audiences both in the UK and internationally.


We develop, organise and support research by leading experts in cultural theory, film studies, art history and filmmaking from around the world.

Our mission is to provide a critical space for inter-disciplinary study of classic film to engage with the development of artistic and cultural norms and the history of socio-political policy and design.

We support this research with conferences, interventions, manifestos and publications including catalogues, archival recordings and monographs.


Kino Klassika builds strategic brand partnerships for leading companies. We do this by identifying shared values that create opportunities to support the expertise of world class film and arts organisations, archives and collections, curators and experts.

The partnerships we build engage target clients, influencers, employees and audiences through cultural programmes. We create elegant solutions to drive revenue growth for our brand partners through association with the rich legacy of Russian film. This enables us to share this great content with audiences in London, regionally and internationally.


We develop a distinctive personal network that spans the business and cultural worlds allowing us to make and share meaningful connections.

We engage hard to reach clients for our corporate donors by identifying shared values. We create exclusive, culturally ambitious and highly curated bespoke events to entertain donor clients with the best of Russian language cinema.


Kino Klassika works with world class UK, European and Russian arts institutions to develop and fund ambitious long term programmes that spotlight Russian film and its complex history. Our aim is to build audience and programs with legacy.

These schemes are usually two or three years in duration and involve multiple institutional partnerships led by access to leading curators and valuable never before seen content.


We develop educational programmes that are stimulating, engaging, innovative and fun. We invite the use of new technologies to attract new audiences and to archive and share the impact of our network of academic experts, film theorists, cultural critics and practitioners.

Press Reviews

“Ian Christie explores the significance of Eisenstein’s October prior to a screening in its newly restored original version at the Barbican”

BBC Radio 4 – Front Row


“Hallucinating history: when Stalin and Eisenstein reinvented a revolution”

The Guardian 


“A head-spinning two hours with baroque imagery and heavy-metal music of 1927-8…”

The Arts Desk


“A run of provocative films with a Marxist spirit in the iconic Regent Street Cinema…”

Time Out London 

“Не случайно перед показом 8-го Марта, кинокритик Франсин Сток отметила, что Шепитько часто характеризуют опосредованно – через Александра Довженко и мужа Элема Климова, – но ее надо помнить ради нее самой, ради ее собственного художественного вклада…”
BBC Russia


“British audiences could not have chosen a better director, and indeed a better film, to celebrate International Women’s Day…”
Russian Arts and Culture

“As a new exhibition opens up Eisenstein’s dazzling sketchbooks…”


“Russian Film Pioneer Sergei Eisenstein’s life-long love affair with English culture…”
BBC Radio 4 – Front Row

“The very definition of up-scale. This screening was film as art, rather than propaganda…”
Pamela Harrison, Silent London

“To open up a space for independent dialogue and create a familiarity between cultures, that is important at this moment in time…” Justine Waddell and Sean Gilbertson, CEO Fabergé 
Mayfair Times

Our Partners

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Case Studies →

  • Celebrating the two Kino Klassika drawings exhibitions, ‘Unexpected Eisenstein’ with GRAD London and ‘Love, Lust and Laughter’ with Pace, and in collaboration with the Cambridge Courtauld Russian Art Centre we brought together leading Eisenstein experts from around the world to present current research and initiate new discussion about Sergei Eisenstein and his legacy across the visual arts.
  • Mark Cousins Film

    To celebrate the launch of our Eisenstein Programme we wished to commission a contemporary artwork that engaged with Eisenstein’s legacy in a surprising and playful way. An explicit theme of our programme was the film director’s relationship to England and English culture. Would this be interesting thematic territory for a film or art work and does Eisenstein’s work still speak to filmmakers today?
  • The Fabergé Galas

    Kino Klassika works hand in hand with iconic jewellery brand Fabergé to screen masterpieces of Russian film in the exclusive surroundings of London’s most elegant Edwardian cinema. At these bespoke galas, we bring together the Anglo-Russian business and arts communities. The films are introduced by leading curators and accompanied by world class film accompanists.
  • To compliment our exhibition, ‘Unexpected Eisenstein’ with GRAD London, Kino Klassika curated an educational series of lectures to provide an accessible overview on the history and development of Soviet cinema. Inviting leading British film historians to provide a counterpoint to the programme’s focus on Eisenstein by focusing on Soviet cinema’s surprisingly wide variety of cinematic styles and narratives.
  • The exhibition ‘Unexpected Eisenstein’ was borne out of viewings of the rarely seen Moscow based collections of Eisenstien drawings held by the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum and RGALI, the Russian State Archive of Literature and Arts. Our challenge was two fold: to make a meaningful selection of drawings that might interest an UK audience and to negotiate their safe delivery to and from the United Kingdom.
  • Our partnership with the London Symphony Orchestra, European Filmharmonie and Barbican Centre on 26 October 2017 to deliver a landmark screening of Eisenstein’s October on the centenary of the revolution is the culmination of Kino Klassika’s two year Eisenstein programme building interest in, audience around, research about and funding for Sergei Eisenstein’s remarkable filmmaking legacy across the arts…
  • Kino Klassika works with Lombard Odier Private Bank to host a gala screening of Shepitko and Smirnov’s Beginning of an Unknown Century.  The gala screening takes place on International Women’s Day, March 8.  The Lombard Odier gala is the highlight of our...

Partnership Contact

If you would like to find out more about working with Kino Klassika, please contact us at
[email protected]

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