MELODIA!  Discovering Musicals from Russia and the Caucasus

Discovering Musicals from Russia and the Caucasus

A thrilling season of classic musicals from Russia and the Caucasus, including two special screenings of famed propaganda musical COSSACKS OF THE KUBAN (1949) at the British Film Institute in October 2019 and a main programme at the Ciné Lumière, London, in January 2020 before regional screenings nationwide. 

About the Season 

Melodia! celebrates the diversity and complexity of Soviet, Russian and Caucasian musicals. It gives UK audiences a unique opportunity to explore an undiscovered musical tradition in the context of the main BFI programme of American and British musicals. Highlights of the season include: COSSACKS OF THE KUBAN (1949) with numbers from famed composer Isaac Dunaevsky which mythologises Soviet prosperity and CHERYOMUSHKI (1963), based on Dmitri Shostakovich‘s operetta of the same name exploring housing shortages in Moscow in the 1950s. It also comprises beloved Soviet classics, such as Eldar Ryazanov’s CARNIVAL NIGHT (1956) alongside HIPSTERS (2008), an optimistic rethinking of Soviet counter-culture of the 1950s, and LETO (2018), directed by recently detained director Kirill Serebrennikov, expemplifying a controversial new nostalgia towards the Perestroika spirit of freedom.

Cheryomuski (1962)
by Herbert Rappaport

Cine Lumiere (London)
Wednesday the 8th of January

Carnival Night (1956)
by Eldar Ryazanov

Cine Lumiere (London)
Tuesday the 14th of January
Watershed Cinema (Bristol)
Sunday the 5th of January

Karine (1969)
by Arman Manaryan

Cine Lumiere (London)
Tuesday the 21st of January

Cossacks of the Kuban (1949)
by Ivan Pyryev

BFI Southbank (London)
Monday the 14th of October
Thursday the 31st of October

Hipsters (2008)
by Valery Todorovsky

Cine Lumiere (London)
Tuesday the 28th of January
Watershed Cinema (Bristol)
Sunday the 19th of January

We are from Jazz (1983)
by Karen Shakhnazarov

Cine Lumiere (London)
Tuesday the 7th of January
Watershed Cinema (Bristol)
Sunday the 12th of January

Leto (2018)
by Kirill Serebrennikov

Cine Lumiere (London)
31st of January
Watershed Cinema (Bristol)
26th of January

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