Melodies of the Vera Quarter (1973) by Giorgi Shengelaia

Melodies of the Vera Quarter (1973)
by Giorgi Shengelaia

The film extols the Soviet virtues of socialism and hard work but the dances and music are distinctly Georgian. Released at a time of extreme corruption in Georgia, it is possible to see the political subtext of the film through its parody of unjust officials.

Directed by Giorgi Shengelaya, this dynamic musical stars Sofiko Chiaureli, the much-loved Georgian actress, thought to be Sergei Parajanov’s muse. It details a young laundress’ determination to help two poor and talented girls attend ballet school. The vibrant musical numbers that underpin the plot are distinctly Georgian and draw from the nation’s rich musical tradition. 


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Giorgi Shengelaia

Giorgi Shengelaia


Giorgi Shengelaia is a Georgian and Soviet film director. He has directed 14 films since 1961. His 1985 film The Journey of a Young Composer was entered into the 36th Berlin International Film Festival where he won the Silver Bear for Best Director.

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